Band: Bleak House
Release: Rainbow Warrior (Single)
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1980
Label: Buzzard Records
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It is hard to talk about the NWOBHM without mentioning the great Bleak House, who released some of the most memorable singles of the early 80s that greatly kick-started the whole scene. This right here is their very first single from 1980, showcasing their marvelous talent and musical structure that even gives the mighty Iron Maiden a run for their money! ¬†Easily goes down as one my top 10 NWOBHM singles of all time, and if you’re not convinced just yet, give “Isandhlwana” a listen; don’t let the obscurity of the title fool you!

Rating: 98%

Bleak House - Rainbow Warrior (1980) NWOBHM
Graham Shaw: Vocals
Bob Bonshor: Guitars
Graham Killin: Guitars
Gez Turner: Bass
Roy Reed: Drums