Heavy Metal Gems: Forgotten Metal Albums

Heavy Metal Gems: Forgotten Metal Albums

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Onyx (Swe) - Onyx (1982)

Onyx - Onyx (1982) Sweden Metal
Band: Onyx
Release: Onyx (EP)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1982
Label: Self-Released
Purely Swedish-sung heavy metal from the land of northern itself! These dudes released one hell of an EP, and should never go unnoticed within the boundaries of the metal community.  Onyx's sound is a tad more "punk" than your usual Swedish obscurities from the 80s, and that adds for a whole new experience!  Crank this one up dudes!


Rating: 92%

Onyx - Onyx (1982) Sweden Metal
Kai Nurmi: Vocals
Christer Bengtsson: Guitars
Bjorn Holm: Guitars
Hakan Kjellberg: Drums
Pelle Thambert: Bass


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